Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meet Prakash

This is Prakash. Isn't he beautiful? We are working to pay for a surgery that he needs. He is one of many children with disabilities that Sarah of is taking care of in India. I am so taken by these little ones and by Sarah and her heart for these kids. If you would like to help pay for his surgery, you can donate through paypal on her website (just let her or myself know that you are donating through paypal so she can put this toward the surgery.) You can also give any donations to me and I will immediately send it to Sarah via paypal. You can be assured that any money you are able to donate will go 100% for this surgery. This one costs $800. Prakash is 10 years old and has Apert Syndrome. He needs surgery to seperate his fingers so that he can use his hands.
Feel free to read more on Sarah's blog!

My attempt at "normal"

I spent a weekend with a bunch of great women as we scrapbooked and shared stories of our lives. I made some new friendships as well as renewed some old ones. It was a lot of fun and did wonders for my state of mind. Most of the time, I spend my time with Moms who have kids with disabilities or have children who they have adopted into their families. I feel very comfortable there. That is my "peer group." This past weekend, there were only three of us that fell into this category. A much more realistic subsection of society--not what I am used to though.

I need interaction like this in my life just as we insist that our disabled kids have interaction with their "typical" peers. I need to see that just because you don't have a child with a disability, you do have your own struggles and challenges. I know this sounds obvious, but I so need to be reminded of this at times. Pain is pain. And we all experience it in our lives at times.

So, all of this to say... There are some days, I just need to be reminded that my life is not so abnormal. In our conversations this weekend, I became keenly aware that there are so very odd realities of my life that have always seemed normal to me. It was not the questions about my family that jolted me, but it was my answers. We have a lot of "staff" working in our home--when I answered this question of how many people we employ, I shocked myself. When you hear that we have 2 nurses and 8 pca's working with our kids, that adds up to 10 staff--and believe me, when I am doing payroll every two weeks, I am keenly reminded of how many staff we have. But, on a daily basis, I do not feel like this is that abnormal. Almost all of these people work only 4-8 hours a week. They are part of the family (some of them literally are part of our family.) They fit right in. We have very little turn over...I can't remember the last time a some one who worked for us quit.

So, after a few days of contemplating what others think of us...I decided to get over it! This is my life and I never wanted it to be all that normal---

So, I decided to share something that I love that is pretty normal. I really do love to scrapbook. I love to express my love for my family with photos and words. I love to have a creative outlet. When I go on a scrapbook weekend, I come back with a renewed sense of how much I am amazed by the life I have been given. Here are a few examples of pages I have completed recently. Ahhhhh.....a little dose of normal to balance me out....

It has taken me a few days to shake the feeling that my life is really not "normal" and that other people who don't live my life could honestly assume that there are Simple questions of curiousity by people who no nothing about my life really stopped me in my tracks. It was not their questions, but my answers that shook me.

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